This site has been set up to show showcase the mountain bike riding in my home country of Wales, as well as further afield chasing challenges and views. Hopefully my photo’s will help inspire you to get out there and make your own adventure!

The plan is to share routes and stories of some amazing rides.
Showcasing and helping you along the way. I hope to speak to you like a fellow rider on the trail. Strangers but united by the journey.

If I can share, help and make things run smooth for anyone, enabling them to have more fun and enjoy the world then isn’t that what it’s all about!?

My name is Owen Street circa ’86. I grew up in South Wales, very lucky to be born to amazing outdoorsy parents and friends in our amazing country. Swansea is 1 hour from some of the best of Wales.
Growing up mountain bike racing had me. A big accident let music take over for a good few years and saw me get a taste for travelling and what the world has to offer.

Returning to Wales I was stunned by how much is right here under our feet! Looking for something different I found work as a Kayak instructor, lifeguard and now at a bike shop.
During that time I am proud to have completed three years of the Ride24 Endurance rides non-stop for over 300 miles each.
Music is a constant, I play Bass and shout for Sludge-Punk duo V A I L S

Please get in touch, always happy to help, always happy to learn!
Check out my Instagram and enjoy this site!
Grab a map, pack a bag, check your bike and get out there!