Gower MTB routes

So! I’ve spent quite a while building these routes on the Gower, they are all on trails legal with a bike, and get some great descents in, though by no means set in stone. I made these with one eye on guiding people through them. So it stays to bridleway, though you might spy some more interesting options 😜

Feel free to experiment with direction, these are intended as a guide to some Gower treats! But don’t think that this is all this stunning area has to offer for MTB, there’s proper trails too if you wanted modify it around them.

These make pretty good #bikepacking routes too with plenty of campsites and bivvy spots #leavenotrace

You’ll pass castles, burial chambers, caves, standing stones and you’ll ride along roman roads and through hill forts and past WW2 defences. If you come across any litter there’s plenty of bins on route. #keepwalestidy

Expect loose rocky descents, boggy areas, long climbs, and a big day out!

lots of miles, with plenty of scope to change the routes to check out views, ancient places and food/drink stops.

The GPX files below are made with the OS Map route builder. They are graded blue to black in technicality along with distance/elevation.

The files ain’t inch perfect, I’ll try to update through the year, Enjoy! Owen

GowerMTB – Blue (GPX) OS Map

GowerMTB – Red (GPX) OS Map

GowerMTB – Black (GPX) OS Map

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